Adventure Backpacks

Adventure Backpacks

Our six themed backpacks are designed to give you a new perspective while exploring the wonders of nature around you.

Adventure Backpacks are free for the community thanks to the JoLyn Beeman Memorial Children’s Fund, granted to us from the Stateline Community Foundation.

Birding: Calling all bird lovers! Binoculars and field guides in this backpack will allow you to discover the world of birding around you, plus use birding apps on the provided tablet to identify and document the birds you encounter.

Bats: It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no- it’s a bat! This backpack contains an Echometer, a tool that allows humans to perceive the pitches of bat calls, as well as a tablet and field guide. Bats are most active at dusk; this backpack can be reserved in advance.

Bugs: Discover what creepy crawlies are sharing the trail with you! This backpack includes insect nets and containers to observe and guides to help you identify the bugs here.

Art & Poetry: Tap into your creative side! In this backpack there are poetry and coloring books, as well as water color painting supplies for you to be inspired by nature and let your imagination flow.

Sports & Games: Great for kids, or adults who want to feel like a kid again! This backpack contains a frisbee, a football, card games, and bean bag toss to make your afternoon in nature one to remember.

Get Comfy: Sit back and relax! A blow-up lounger, picnic blanket, and pillow will let you unwind and enjoy the sun here at The Confluence.

Borrowing Policy

  • Backpacks are borrowed on a first-come, first-serve basis during building hours and must remain on Nature At The Confluence property. Staff will hold borrower’s car keys as collateral.
  • The Bat backpack can be reserved in advance for use after the building has closed (dusk is when bats are most active), and must be returned within 24 hours or when the building is next open. A $10 deposit is required, and refunded upon return of the backpack. To reserve the Bat backpack, call 815-200-6910 or email