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The Greater Beloit Rising Professionals showed off their construction and gardening chops at a community service day at Nature At The Confluence on Saturday, June 4, 2016. They funded and coordinated building two raised bed gardens that will be part of our Tasting and Sensory Learning Gardens. Next year when the center opens kids and their families will have the chance to taste herbs and sample new vegetables and learn how to grow their own fresh produce at home.

A big thank you to the Greater Beloit Rising Professionals for pitching in to help green up the confluence!

What Is a Sensory Garden?

Sensory gardens provide intimate spaces where people can be immersed in the scents, textures and colors of plants and related elements. This stimulation occurs courtesy of plants and the use of materials that engage one’s senses of sight, smell, touch, taste, and sound. These types of gardens are beneficial to both children and adults, especially those who have sensory processing issues, including autism and other disabilities. Learn more about Sensory Gardens

About The Greater Beloit Rising Professionals

The Greater Beloit Chamber of Commerce has created the Greater Beloit Rising Professionals in an effort to get more young professionals involved in the community. The organization is comprised of young professionals under the age of 40.  The group was created to empower young professionals in the region, provide networking opportunities and promote civic engagement, professional development and mentoring.[responsive]