patch birding

Patch Birding or Yard Birding is a fun way to watch and keep track of all the birds in a specific areas.

Patch Birding or Yard Birding is a way to list all of the bird species you have seen from a very specific, small site, like your yard or a specific patch of woods or a park near you. A patch can be as big as a forest or as small as a grove of trees on your street. The idea is that the location is relatively small and can be birded from a stationary point, like a porch or window, or with minimal walking. It helps to have binoculars (starting at about $20), get a good bird identification book or use these apps to help ID birds.

Ashton McFall, a Carroll University biology major, has been doing a project for a class at NATC during her spring break. She’s been going out on the Rock River Birding Trail we’re developing to see what species can be found there. We’ll post a report soon of what she saw.

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