Kelly Creek is comprised of a natural spring that mingles with storm water before flowing into the Rock River. Buried underground 70 years ago to allow for development, the creek has been heavily impacted by discarded foundry sand, slag, concrete, tires and glass. While Nature At The Confluence staff and volunteers work to remove litter from the creek, a grant awarded to the City of South Beloit has made big changes.


The project includes three “learning landing” staircases that provide safe access to the creek, a new section of woodland trail, and a mural painted on the concrete opening of the creek. Mural artist Tricia Davey of Rockton’s The Green Quarter landscaping, pictured above, says, “I feel like we have really done something here. The nature center building has so much color inside, and now this mural can connect and continue the vibrancy.” 



This Kelly Creek beautification project was made possible by a grant from the Dr. Louis & Violet Rubin Fund of the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois. The grant also funded a new section of trail along the creek, and three stone staircases that offer safe access to the water.