How You Can Help Wildlife?

This is a great time to think about how you can improve your backyard into welcoming haven for local wildlife. Turning your yard, balcony container garden, schoolyard, work landscape into a Certified Wildlife Habitat® is fun, easy, and can make a lasting difference for wildlife.
We have certified Nature At The Confluence Campus using National Wildlife Federations “Garden For Wildlife” program. We are particularly focusing our efforts along a section of the property near Kelly Creek where we have added many shrubs that will provide food and cover in future years. 

Features of a Wildlife Habitat

►Provide Food: Seeds from a plant, berries, fruits, pollen
►Provide Water – For wildlife to drink and bat, such as Birdbath, stream, pond, butterfly puddling area
►Provide Cover: bramble patch, wooded area, roosting box, evergreens, brush pile
►Provide places to raise young: Create habitat for wildlife to engage in courtship behavior, mate and then bear and raise young: nesting box, dead trees, host plants for caterpillars
Note – there is a $20 application fee to certify, but you can download a FREE checklist to get started without paying any fee. Click here for Wildlife Habitat Checklist
Learn more at National Wildlife Federation