Nature At The Confluence’s Kelly Creek Cleanup and Trail Initiative received a boost with a recent $250 grant from ExtremeTerrain’s Clean Trail Grant program. 

We have been working for 3 years to clean up garbage and clear trails along Kelly Creek, a natural spring co-mingled with storm water runoff that flows directly into the Rock River. We’ve created the Rock River Birding & Hiking Trail in the river bottoms along Kelly Creek. 

Our next goal is to make a new trail in a wooded area along the creek where the new South Beloit park will be located. The wooded area  will be cleared of invasive species such as buckthorn, black locust, grape vine, blackberry brambles, honeysuckle and poison ivy.

Streamside buffers, including native wetland plants, will be planted in appropriate areas. Volunteer work days will be scheduled to assist with clearing, trail work and plantings.

This land has been heavily dumped on for more than 80 years and the public has a negative view of the area. We want to change that negativity, and engage the public to be part of bringing it back to its former natural beauty and open the area for people to safely enjoy.

About The ExtremeTerrain’s Clean Trail Grant Program – This grant program provides eligible groups the opportunity to apply for a grant to fund their next trail improvement related project, which could range from trail clean-up, trail restoration, trail expansion, to name a few. Click here to learn more. 

Photos From Kelly Creek Clean Up And Trail Work