Photography Policy

Photographs and videos are a wonderful way to document your time at Nature At The Confluence. We encourage visitors to experiment with photography, and we offer Cameras At The Confluence programs throughout the year. No permit is required for portrait or professional photography, but we ask that you respect the land and fellow visitors by following the guidelines below.

Photography Guidelines for Nature At The Confluence

  • Check our calendar of events to avoid times when our building or grounds will be being used.
  • Do not pick, collect, or remove wildlife, including plants, rocks, and natural materials.
  • Stay on trails and be cautious of brushing up against plants you are unfamiliar with (stinging nettle and poison ivy grow here).
  • Do not attempt to feed or capture any animals or insects.
  • Photography on railroad tracks is illegal and dangerous.
  • Dispose of all trash properly in designated bins, and feel free to pick up litter you might encounter.
  • Leave everything as you found it to preserve the ecosystem.

By adhering to these guidelines, you’ll help protect the natural beauty of The Confluence and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all visitors. Please tag Nature At The Confluence when photos are posted publicly to social media. We love to share your photos and hope that by tagging our business more people can know about our organization.

Drones can only be used with prior approval from Nature At The Confluence staff and must remain at a safe and respectful distance from wildlife. Please contact if you would like to inquire about drone usage.