Now is a great time to plan for new plantings to support pollinators!

Download the Plants & Pollinators Chart below that shows which season the plants blooms, offering sources of nectar and pollen throughout the growing season.

You can support local organizations by buying directly from them during their Spring sales in May. Rock County Conservationists and Wild Ones Rock River Valley Chapter both offer a fundraising sale.

Or if you want to stay at home to shop, buy direct from a Wisconsin grower, Prairie Nursery – They offer pollinator planting “kits” that feature the most popular plants that offer season-long pollinator support.

Download Plants & Pollinators Chart

Meadow Blazingstar for Monarch Butterflies – Photo credit – Monarch Butterfly Garden website

MONARCH MAGNET TIP!! Plant Meadow Blazingstar (Liatris Ligulistylis) – this is a late bloomer, offering the important migrating monarch food and is absolutely the most popular plant in our pollinator garden in September/October. The plants are just loaded with monarchs! Note that these are tall plants and will need some staking.  Learn more about this wonderful plant at Monarch Butterfly Garden website.