[pullquote align=”right”]This is the most fun I’ve ever had! ~ Willowbrook student[/pullquote]

On December 3, 2014, the Willowbrook Middle School “Servo Terra” (Protect the Earth) Club visited Nature at the Confluence. They have the distinguished honor to be the first group visit to Nature at the Confluence! Willowbrook Middle School is part of the Prairie Hill School District and is located in South Beloit.

Nature At The Confluence South Beloit WIllowbrook School children (26)The club is led by Willowbrook teachers, Michael Rhines and Cindy Froman. They contacted Nature At The Confluence for this outing because they thought it would be a unique experience to be able to see the area as a “before” and “after” with their club. We look forward to working with this group of 50+ students in the future to help develop this space.

During their tour, the 50 middle school students  of the Servo Terra Club heard about the goals for developing Nature At the Confluence, learned about the history of the land, then set out on a nature trek around the land, finding animal tracks and scat. They enjoyed looking for interesting rocks along the shore of Turtle Creek, throwing rocks into the creek, and just having fun being in the great outdoors!

The group was led by guides from area organizations, including Lena Verkuilen from Welty Environmental Center, Therese Oldenburg from Be Active Outdoors, Jacob Blue from SAA, Emma Koeppel,a Beloit College student, and Jeff Adams from Beloit 2020. A big thank you to our volunteer guides!